The RVA App

Client: The City of Richmond, Virginia


Richmonders are plagued by a common question: What's there to do tonight? The city lacks a reliable, unbiased resource to visit when natives and visitors are looking for local things to do.

To solve this problem, we created an app where a user can select what area of town they frequent and what types of things they like to do, and it will generate an active list of potential activities in Richmond.

The Challenge

The RVA app was born from a love for the city that we live in. Richmond is a vibrant city rich with culture, art, food and history. But too often, events and opportunities are missed because of a lack of a singular resource that people can go to and rely on to deliver them the latest happenings.

The Idea

Powered by a large, intricately cultivated database of all of the local restaurants, bars, museums, events, etc., the RVA app first asks you questions about what you like to do, and then what areas of town you tend to hang out in, and then curates a list of daily suggestions for things to do around the city.

A user can browse activities happening that day based off their selections, or they can select a future date to browse events happening on that day, or they can explore a general list of activities that are organized according to type.

Interactive Prototype

(If it does not load, or if it's acting like a jerk, please click here.)

Wireframe Walkthrough