OK Soy Vay Voice-Responsive Recipe Reader

Client: Soy Vay


The OK Soy Vay project was created as the first ever interactive way for a user to give simple voice commands to their Google Chrome browser while cooking without having to touch their computer.

The Challenge

Modern technology has provided us with the ability to access a myriad of recipes with our home computers. However, messy hands and laptops are not a good combination. Since SoyVay.com offers around a hundred different recipes to choose from, we decided to create the first ever way for a user to cook using a recipe on a computer while their hands were drenched in marinade or contaminated with raw meat.

The Idea

Using design thinking, we collaborated with Google to develop the first consumer-level, voice-to-browser feature, which allows someone to give simple verbal instructions to their Chrome browser and have it walk you through each step in the recipe, eliminating the need for them to touch their computer.



Interactive Prototype

(If it does not load, or if it's acting like a jerk, please click here.)