Client: Kodak Alaris


I was brought on to help create a vision for the future of the Kodak digital experience.

Our team was tasked with making a working prototype demonstrating the vision, experience and functionality of a reimagined Kodak digital.

The Challenge

With the rise of smartphones and other portable devices, as well as the resurgence of physical photo printing, apps that help people instantly create photobooks or order prints are at the top of Kodak Alaris’ to-do list.

Kodak Alaris believes the moments we spend together are the moments that matter most - with the power to transform how we see each other, treat each other, and what we mean to each other. Celebrating moments that matter is the principle thinking behind Kodak Moments.

Brand new San Francisco agency Junior was hired to help them create an idea that could put the Kodak name back in the forefront of the personal photography industry. Junior commissioned three teams of three freelancers for a two-week-long design sprint aimed at concepting and protytyping an app that modernized the Kodak name and embraced the ethos of the Kodak Moments manifesto.

The Idea

Sometimes while going about our daily lives, we think about our friends and family who are far away, or just aren't presently with you. What are they up to? What are they seeing that you can't because you're not with them?

Our team's concept was a stop-drop-and-selfie app we called Peeek! The idea was to give users a platform where they could send a Peeek! request to a select group of friends. The app sends a timed notification instructing them to take a photo of whatever they were doing at that given moment, no matter where they were. It is a clever, simple way to peek into their friends' lives and share moments with each other.

Each person in the group replies with a photo, and that group of photos, called a Peeek!, is then stored in a folder that gives the user the ability to share them, or print a photo booth-style picture using any Kodak Moments kiosk.

At the end of the sprint at Junior, the three teams presented their ideas to the client against each other in a competition, and the client chose Peeek! as the winner.


Interactive Prototype

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