Client: LensCrafters


As an individual assignment, we were tasked with the challenge of developing an app for LensCrafters that targeted students in college.

We were asked to position LensCrafters as "caretakers for your eyes."

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In a world inundated with apps for everything you can possibly imagine, what in the hell is going to make a college student want to download one geared towards eye health?

In order to get this target market to participate, IrisCam was created to gift them with something truly special; something unique and beautiful about themselves that they had never had the chance to see before- a macro image of their own iris.

IrisCam was built and set up in the basement of the Brandcenter for user testing, and almost instantly the response was overwhelming.


Within the first couple of days, over 160 people lined up to get their picture taken.

Eventually, this led to a redesign of the device to make it more user-friendly, resulting in faster picture-taking times and clearer images. The process was streamlined as well; a Facebook and Twitter page were created to connect with those interested in the project, keeping people updated about the times they could come in and get their picture taken, and posting the resulting pictures.

The project was tweeted about by local news stations and area influencers, and generated a reach of over 38,000 impressions.

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